Paintings/Pets & Commissions



All paintings are painted in acrylic on professionally stretched gallery width canvas (no framing necessary),

or standard width canvas if you prefrer to frame your art.

Completion time depends on the size and content of the work as well as the artists current workload.

Examples of pricing for commissioned work based on single subject. Additional subject matter and background work will vary in price. Please contact artist for details.

12”x12”  $300 

16”x20”  $500                        

18”x24”  $700         

24”x30”  $950

24”x36”  $1300                          

36”x36”  $2000

36”x48”  $2500

48”x48”  $3000

(other sizes available)

Please email, call or text for more detailed information on commissioned work or any other questions you may have about my work. 

Thank you.


phone or text: (760) 815-0685